All blasters purchased through SAFARIZOOMER TACTICAL will include a 30-day warranty to cover manufacturing faults. All blasters are tested pre-purchase by the manufacturer. Faulty products must be sent back with receipt or proof of purchase and a written description of the fault.
Any blaster found to be physically damaged by user neglect, either internally or externally, wear and tears, upgraded or modified, opened or attempted to be opened, used apart from the manufacturer specifications or intended use included, but not limited to, the use of BB’s, metal or plastic or otherwise will void warranty.
Any items returned to us claiming to be faulty but found to be in fully functional working order will incur a fee to cover return postage. Items found to be faulty under the warranty will be repaired at no extra cost.
Please be advised that due to the nature of the product, regular and extended use of a gel blaster will cause wear on internal components and will require maintenance. If your blaster is not covered under the warranty but you would like a repair or service, please contact us by Email.
PAINTBALL MARKER (Imported from Oversea)
  • We will not provide Return/ Refund/ Warranty and Change of mind are not accepted.
  • But we can refer you to the supplier for further requested.

Returns Policy


Our Return & Refund Policy provides detailed information.