We always encourage customers to handle blasters with care from purchase to home and to game days and competitions as damage can occur from rough handling.

When transporting your blaster in public, please ensure it is carried out of sight in an appropriate bag or case.

Do not shoot anyone that is not a willing participant and never aim towards face or eyes.

Please ensure to insert and remove batteries gently. One of the most common mistakes made is roughly inserting/removing them without care which can lead to broken adaptors and faulty leads.

Keep your blaster away from moisture / rain. Do not fill dripping wet gel balls into your blaster (Gel balls should be moist but not dripping wet).

Do not leave Gel balls in blaster for extended periods if not in use.

Store any unused, hydrated gels in an airtight bottle or container with water to help keep them fresh.

Avoid dry-firing (shooting without gel balls loaded) wherever possible.

Do not block barrel while firing.

Remove battery from blaster and store in a safe place when not in use.

Do not over discharge the battery. Recharge battery when the fire rate is getting slower or it may damage the battery. Do not charge unattended.

Always check with our store if you plan on using upgraded 11.1v batteries in your blaster. Many blasters are compatible with these but if not it can lead to short circuiting and frying of blaster internals.

Remember that gel blasters are manufactured, designed and created for the intended use as toys and should be treated responsibly and with care.

Recommended for use by persons aged 14 years and older.

Parental supervision is strongly advised as well as the use of protective eyewear.

Remember to have fun!

Gel Blaster Repairs and Services are available in store.