WORKER MOD 200PCS Bambo Stefan Short Darts for Nerf Modify Toy – Orange


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1.Compatible with Worker short dart magazine.
2.The 3 Ring short darts has improved the glue and bonding technology,make the short bullets more accurate and durable.
3.This darts is only for Worker mod short dart magazine,You need to modify with the Worker Short Darts Upgrade Tube Kit on your blaster before you place an order.
4.The bottom of the darts adopts a large and small layer design, which is more firmly bonded with the darts body, and leaves a certain gap, so that the darts and the darts body have a fixed wind effect and improve the accuracy.
5.Note: It is forbidden to aim at the eyes of animals and people to shoot darts.
6.Suitable for people over 14 years old,because the installation of this product requires some disassembly capacity.

Model:Bamboo Stefan Short Darts
Color:Red Orange
Process: Injection


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