POLARSTAR CGS™ – CO2 Gas Stock 33g co2 system ( TYPE 2)


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If you are someone that has always wanted to have the performance and versatility of an HPA system but just couldn’t bear the thought of being tethered to an airline or having a tank screwed into the back of your rifle, then the CGS™ was designed specifically with you in mind. Externally the CGS™ is manufactured using a real Milspec buffer tube blank which has been modified to conceal an adjustable regulator and CO2 cartridge which allows you to run your HPA system while retaining the same realistic appearance and the use of traditional Milspec buttstocks.

Its integral regulator shares the same internal design as PolarStar’s other compact regulators and delivers performance on par with systems twice its size. This regulator has an output pressure range of 40-130psi which is easily adjusted using a 3/32 allen key but can be locked out using a standard chrono zip tie which blocks the adjustment screw. Additionally, if you want to get a little more “omph” out of the regulator, you can install the High Pressure Spring (p/n 10000692)* which boots the maximum output pressure to approximately 200psi.

This regulator is coupled with a removable CO2 insert which is easily installed by sliding the insert into the back of the buffer tube and screwing it into the regulator’s ASA threads before being secured with a set screw. This modular design makes the CGS™ a very versatile system since you are able to swap between two available CO2 Inserts giving you the ability to use either traditional 12g CO2 cartridges or the magnum sized 33g cartridges (p/n 10000332)* for even more shot capacity.

These inserts feature an integral expansion chamber, anti-siphon system, 5 micron filter and check valve to prevent liquid CO2 from entering the regulator regardless of the rifle’s orientation and therefore safeguarding the system from any spikes in pressure. As an added benefit, the internal check valve also prevents gases from escaping the expansion chamber while switching out cartridges so as to conserve as much CO2 as possible when performing a “combat reload” and allowing several full-power shots even while when the CO2 cartridge has been removed.


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