Gorilla MFCU for PolarStar


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The Gorilla MFCU is not a fire control unit as you know it but designed to fit HPA gearboxes and be a trigger board

at the same time.

With an Magnetic trigger board sensing trigger activity tight to

it’s software. Tweaking your setup is even more easier and change it to any occasion with just switching between profiles.

Because of this, you can adjust the settings in seconds, without having to take the replica and gearbox apart.

!! Only for Gel Blaster v2 gearboxes


Magnetic selector plate

Magnet holder for trigger

2x solenoids cables

1x mFCU

*trigger on picture not included.

Instalment with single and double solenoids.

The Gorilla FCU allows you to replace the FCU’s of the most widely used HPA systems on the market, whether they are single solenoids or double solenoids. Without removing any functions, even adding some!

Single shot or full-auto?

With the Gorilla FCU, you have the option to choose between single shot and full-auto within a moments notice! This can be done with every HPA system (for some systems, the Gorilla Trigger Board is required or alternatively a compatible one like the Polarstar) and saved for later use. The Gorilla FCU also works on rainy days and protects your batteries from complete discharge.



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