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Black, Silver, Blue, red, Green, Purple

The Aztech Chimera receiver is constructed from aircraft grade 7075 alloy for maximum strength while remaining lightweight. This is no ordinary CNC receiver. It is a modular receiver that allows the lower front to be interchanged with other front end’s that will allow different mags to be used such as ARP9 and AK47 style magazines.

This will include the ARP9 style magazine well which comes with the Rapid Magazine Release System (RMRS) which allows you to release the magazine without having to remove your finger from the trigger well. This feature can be used or not and left out depending on the users preference.

  • 7075 alloy construction
  • Modular design allowing other mag types (future release front lowers)
  • Rapid Magazine Release System
  • CNC mode selector
  • Weight: 310gm
  • Suits V2 gearbox
  • Suits XYL ARP9 Mag (stick or drum)


  • Either full Alloy CNC Receiver or just front end depending on choice
  • CNC Claw mag release
  • CNC Receiver pin set
  • CNC Mode selector


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