4Uantum Airtight Sealing Compound Pen


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High Viscosity Airtight Sealant

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  • Ideal for fixing & preventing leaks on o-rings and gaskets
  • Non-corrosive to plastic and rubber components
  • Penetrates and fills uneven spaces and gaps
  • Silicone component gives rubber a longer service life
  • Excellent adhesion to further enhanced seal integrity
  • Twist pen makes it easy to carry and allows for touch-free application!

This specially formulated sealant is ideal for fixing or preventing leakage from failing o-rings and rubber gaskets. The high viscosity compound ensures excellent adhesion to further enhance seal integrity. It™s rich silicone content also keeps rubber components supple for a longer service life.

Manufacturer: 4UAD SmartAirsoft


Ingredients: Contains Silicone
Package Includes: 1x Sealant Pen

Note: After use, please cap the pen to reduce the risk of the pen tip solidifying.


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