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“Skeletor” WE TECH Full Metal Hyper Speed 5.1 Hi-CAPA Gas Blowback Gel Blaster Pistol – Black


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Based on competitive race pistols used by IPSC participants, the WE Full Metal 5.1 Hi-Capa Hyper Speed is highly customized, high performance gas blowback gel ball pistol.

The pistol features a full metal slide and frame that gives the blaster a realistic weight and feel. This model of the 5.1 sports a few unique features that will make it stand out on the field. Notably the frame and slide will feature cut outs to help reduce the weight of the pistol without sacrificing durability. The cuts in the slide will also allow the pistol to cycle a lot faster and have a snappier blow back when firing.

The frame is slightly larger, as it is designed to hold a double stack WE M1911 style magazine, and is very comfortable to hold. The side grip panels are lightly textured and help maintain a more positive grip. The magazine release and magazine well are larger to facilitate faster reloading.

Just like standard M1911s, the Hyper Speed features an ambidextrous slide safety and beaver tail grip safety. The included tactical rail gives players the option to add flashlights, lasers and more to the underside of the pistol.

WE TECH gas blow back pistols represent some of the best value and best bang for buck pistols proven world wide as high performers and reliability above their price tag, and these Gelsoft versions are no different!

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