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Easy to use and reset; very low cost per use with a robust design for long life

The whole body Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it is not easily damaged even if dropped from your hands

Fits most 40mm grenade launchers using propane or green gas. It is best to load 1 NERF sponge ball, and you can also install more small-sized NERF Rival balls or NERF Darts

Package contains: 1 Grenade Shell, 5 sponge ball(Reusable)

40MAX NERF GRENADE has a total height of 100mm, base diameter of 40mm and base bayonet of 43mm.
The whole body is CNC machined from aluminum alloy with a sandblasted and oxidized surface and the barrel body has a laser engraved logo.

Supports the simultaneous placement of up to two 35mm EVA softballs (customized standard softballs, relatively good airtightness).
A variety of loadouts can be expanded to facilitate secondary DIY for players.

Use the process.

Strictly wear goggles before use.
Make sure the bottom excitation button is reset before filling the refrigerant and press the bottom flame to reset the release port and fill the refrigerant for more than three seconds.
Place the EVA ball into the cylinder to complete the filling.


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